For our virtual volunteers, there is additional training you must complete to familiarize yourself with the Virtual Tax Prep process and how to manage taxpayer tickets. As a Tax Preparer (either Basic or Advanced certified), you will likely be required to perform the duties of the Intake Specialist and Tax Preparar roles (and Quality Reviewer if designated this role).

Accordingly, please complete the following trainings:

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Accounts required

  • Volunteerhub
    CWF’s online portal used to sign up for shifts
  • Slack
    Online communication platform to communicate with the Site Management Team and other volunteers in real-time
  • The Hub
    Online file management system used to manage taxpayer files and communicate directly with them (email, text, call)
  • TaxSlayer
    Online tax preparation software

Once you certify and have submitted your Volunteer Agreement to us, the virtual volunteer process will be as follows:

  • Sign up for shifts in Volunteerhub
  • At time of shift, log into Slack and announce arrival (you will receive an account activation email prior to your first shift)
  • Log into the Hub (online file management system)
    • Locate assigned returns
    • Verify taxpayer’s ID and review 13614C & uploaded tax docs
    • Call taxpayer to conduct Intake Interview
  • Prepare tax return in TaxSlayer
  • Change return status in to “Ready for Review” and assign back to CWF for Quality Review
  • Announce on Slack you are ready for another return
  • At end of the shift, announce your departure in Slack, and update your hours in Volunteerhub

Virtual Tax Prep Process

Here is a graphic of the virtual tax prep process as it compares to in-person prep: