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Strengthen, Heal & Inspire

Imagine feeling confused in the supermarket, and a dietitian is present to personally help you find the answers.  Perhaps feeling hopeless after a difficult month, you attend service in a faith-based institution. To your surprise, a navigator is present to help enroll you in SNAP, healthcare and benefits. Uplift believes in building and cultivating community hubs, which promote health, and connect individuals to the resources they need, right where they are. Uplift builds bridges to multiple groups and stakeholders to change the health outcomes for entire zip codes.

One in three children faces chronic disease due to the lack of healthy food in their diet. More than 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight. The annual medical costs associated with obesity have been estimated as high as $190 billion. More than 23 million Americans live in food deserts,” where they dont have access to supermarketsIn lowincome communities, supermarkets may be scarce forcing individuals to survive on low nutrient foods found at fast food restaurants and corner stores. This promotes obesity, diabetes, and disease.

Uplift works to build strong communities and social equity by increasing access to food, access to healthcare, access to resources, access to jobs and access to capital in underserved communitiesUpLift has four initiatives which include:

Sustainable Food Solutions develops and sustains supermarkets and cooperatives in underserved communities and food desert environments.

Health Solutions develops and cultivates community health hub sites and community events for health promotion to improve access to resources, healthcare and food.  In our community hub sites, we promote food as medicine. Our wraparound health services include dietitians, benefits navigators, cooking classes, health promotion, diabetes classes, and in-store health clinics.  We move within the community to provide one-stop resources with navigators, dietitians, mobile teaching kitchens, and health screenings.  Health Solutions is in the community connecting individuals to the resources they need, where they are.

  • Financial Solutions works to provide capital to operators and developers of new and existing projects located in underserved communities. Our financial solution division provides access to capital through equity and debt investments for hard to fund projects.
  • Workforce Solutions is an onthejob training program designed to create employment opportunities for reentering citizens in and around Philadelphia. The program develops both hard and soft skills; whereas, each participant that successfully completes the sixweek classroom portion of the program will have a direct placement within the supermarket industry.

All programs support the one main goal: to create health equity by impacting social determinants of health for lowincome communities in food desert locations.